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Who am I?

I’m a specialist for the software development engaged on projects in companies of banking or telecommunication sector. Software development is my profession since 1998.

I can offer following key skills:

  • Quick and detailed insight into the client's needs
  • Well maintanable application architecture and design
  • Great cooperation with my client and the other members of the team
  • Sophisticated methods of testing
  • Trouble free handover and rigorous documentation

What is my specialization?

In recent years I specialize in following technologies:
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft .NET
But a don't have problem to co-operate on projekts based on Java, PHP or for example Power builder. For complete list of technologies that I know see my CV and certifications list.

Which job I’m interested in?

Cooperation in your projects on following positions:
  • Software architect
  • Database specialist
  • Software developer
  • IT Analyst

I offer strong technical skill, quick insight and comprehension into your project.
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